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Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Make Men Stop Peeing at a Urinal

After pranking elevator passengers to think they were falling with its IPS displays, LG has moved on to trick even more vulnerable suckers: males trying to pee at a urinal. This time, LG put its IPS displays right in front of a urinal and let two attractive women tease the restroom goers. It's pretty hilarious.


And if you're a guy, don't laugh too hard at these poor saps, we all get a little gun shy when people are around. Especially if those people are drop dead gorgeous humans slyly smirking at you (even if they're just behind a TV screen). The average delay in peeing was 16 seconds and that 26% of people who tried to pee with the IPS display in front of them couldn't launch. [LG]

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As a gay man, I found the stereotypical effeminate gay bear at the end offensive. Note to LG: gay people aren't a fucking punchline when you're selling stuff to straight guys. Did it ever cross their minds to use an attractive male model (just like all those female models) to flirt with the men? Of course not.