I'm no warmonger, but I can think of no finer way to waste Friday afternoon than spending 10 minutes of the company's time watching bullets striking various objects at one million frames per second. The footage is just totally unbelievable.

To reach far beyond typical high speed photography (keep in mind, we're talking over 41,000 times the speed of traditional film), the footage was captured using dual Shimadzu HPV-1 cameras shooting at a scant 312x260 resolution. Regardless, the black and white tonal detail is still more than good enough to astound.


For a special treat, load the clip around 7:30 in to watch what happens when a hollow point bullet strikes what looks like cement. The bullet's clinical deconstruction...I don't even know what to say, other than I have an inkling why those bad boys are illegal no idea why those bad boys aren't illegal (sorry, I get all my bullet knowledge from 80s movies). [Kurzzeit]