Watch The Space Station Go Flying Past The Moon

Thanks to the internet (and just a tiny little bit of math), Israeli photographer Gadi Eidelheit managed to get himself in position to see something quite unique: the International Space Station flying in front of the moon. Even better, he caught the whole thing on video.

In order to capture the video, Eidelheit used HeavensAbove, an astronomy website, to track the position of the ISS relative to the moon. From there, he worked out that by camping out in a nearby village, he'd be in the right spot to see the transit. Thanks to a pair of Canon cameras, you can see the result in glorious 1080p for yourself. It's humbling to see mankind's little contribution to space flying by the moon as a tiny speck. Even more terrifying to imagine being on board. [Venus Transit via LaughingSquid]

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I hope they saw me waving.