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Watch What Happens When You Leave a Bicycle Outside for a Year

If you leave your bike on the streets of New York, it's eventually going to get stolen. Even if it's locked up. Even if it's a beater. Even if there aren't any tires. It. Will. Get. Stolen. This video shows you the life cycle of a bicycle left outside for an entire year.


The video, made by Red Peak and Hudson Urban Bicycles, actually takes a while to get going as no one touches the bike for the better half of the year. That has to be some sort of record in NYC, actually. But anyway, after that half year mark passes, you'll see the bike lose its basket, seat, tires, brakes, dignity and everything else in a zippity. Those vultures work fast! [YouTube via EV Grieve

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When I lived in the city, the popular notion was that abandoned materials were community property. Taking something that was left was not theft, just good resource management. Note that the bike was untouched for quite a few days before it became open to scavenge rights. I'm not defending this point of view, but stating my observations. On the other hand, there are bike thieves aplenty everywhere and they deserve to have their scrawny necks u-locked to a pole.