We Exchanged Our Faulty iPod touch, Got One With a Good Screen

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I was one of the unlucky ones who bought an iPod early. I thought I was stuck with a wonky screen. I waited a couple of weeks to see what was up, and once Walt Mossberg said the defective screens were only an early production problem, I was off to the Apple Store to exchange mine. While we still don't know if the problem has been resolved completely, I can say that my iPod touch has a screen that looks as great as advertised.


I made an appointment with the Genius Bar guys who did some video tests of their own, and came to the same conclusion I did. No questions asked, they took my old iPod touch, handed me a new one, and I was on my way. Pretty painless overall.

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I realize this thread is pretty dead at the moment, but I just wanted to note that I have a 9C737 Touch that I got from Amazon, which arrived with the 1.1.1 update pre-installed, and, while not as bad as some images I've seen, it still exhibited slight "negative black" issue with video and pictures.

I contacted Amazon about it, and they seem to be aware of the issue and they shipped me a replacement no-questions-asked with free return shipping for the defective unit. I just received my replacement, which is a 1A740 serial number with Macy Gray box, and the issue is definitely resolved. The color balance is also improved on the new unit, as now I notice the defective unit had a slight green cast over everything in addition to the negative black effect.

Here's to hoping everyone with a defective unit got a proper replacement, and all future models are defect free!