We're Liveblogging the WWDC 2021 Keynote Right Here

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Screenshot: Apple

For the second year in a row, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote will be all virtual. And while we miss the rush of a swarm of developers and journalists swarming Cupertino, that won’t stop us from liveblogging the hell out of this keynote from the comfort of our couches.

This year, we’re expecting things to be slightly low-key. At WWDC 2020, we saw OS X finally get retired for Big Sur, iOS 14 got a huge redesign, and oh yeah, Apple confirmed it was making the switch to its own in-house silicon. That doesn’t mean we might not see some surprises, though. (It is, after all, Apple.) Now that M1 gadgets are here, we’d be surprised if Apple didn’t add some new features that highlight the chip’s beefier processing powers. And although WWDC isn’t typically a hardware event, rumor has it we might get to see some new MacBooks, too.

In case you’re wondering how to watch, don’t worry. We got the deets right here. The entire Gizmodo consumer tech crew will be blogging and reacting to everything Apple announces as it happens, so buckle up and join us. You know you want in on this sweet, sweet chaos.