What Are You Working On?

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Are you designing a game? Making a comprehensive database map of infectious diseases? Making Lite-Brite re-creations of your favorite Hubble images? Transforming a 1981 DeLorean into a time machine? Whatever your current project is, we want to hear about (and see) it!


Tell us about the project in the comments, along with any other details about the process — how you made it, how long you've been working on, what you're planning on doing with it next — you want to share. Please include a picture of the project, too (as a show to go along with your tell).

Image: A watercolor shared by commenter Norm the Alligator in our last show-and-tell thread.



I have been working on building and modifying a 'Working' Stargate, and making my alterations to the original design by Glitch available on Thingiverse . I've written an Arduino sketch to control the Stargate dialing sequence, and am currently working on tweaking it so that the gate dials properly.

The design of the gate was originally made by Glitch on Thingiverse and was designed to be rotated by a hand crank. I've added Arduino and stepper motor mounting

I've got Youtube video of the Gate dialing if anyone is interested. :D