What Weapons Would You Use to Battle a Mutant, Face-Eating Spider?

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As the commander of the titular XCOM in XCOM: Enemy Unknown — 2K's new strategy game — you control your global defense team through a fully operational base, located in a secret underground bunker tailored to your own design. Here, your generals can organize missions, build up a customized arsenal, study captured alien technology, train troops for battle, and tap into satellites worldwide to find and expel these murderous aliens. Utilizing your Geoscape, a real-time holographic coordination system, track your enemy's every move and plot your next attack, all in one fortified epicenter.

But even with all these resources in your hands, you're still going to need to stay sharp if you want to fight off an army of mutants, mind-controlling sectoid aliens, and The Chryssalid: a four legged spider who rips off your face and turns your troops into pupa-zombies that attack everything in sight. Luckily, your ground-force troops come equipped with defense-grade alloy cannons, high-powered plasma shotguns, laser pistols, and intergalactic rocket launchers. Because after all, you're gonna need a hell of a lot more than a rifle if you're going to save the world from total annihilation.

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