What's Going On With The Battlestar Galactica Movies?

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We've reported on the rumored TV movie spin-offs from SciFi's Battlestar Galactica before, but now we're hearing very conflicted reports as to what stage those movies are at. Are they still just being batted around as ideas for some potential continuation of the franchise... or beginning production in little over a month? It depends on who you ask, apparently.


The LA Times spoke to Grace Park, the show's turncoat Cylon Athena (and more loyal Cylon Boomer, as well as many, many other Sharons), who seemed to have an idea of what's going on:

I just heard about the first Battlestar movie being greenlit... A TV movie, but still! But this - it's like, yeah, it's over but we're ready to move on but nobody's manager or agent has been called. It's supposed to start in August.

The reason that no managers or agents have been called may be that the rumored prequel direction of the TV movies will ultimately turn out to be true: In which case, the movies will follow up on the flashback sequences from Razor with an all-new, all-cheaper cast. That would be an interesting decision from show creator David Eick. It would mean that he's betting fans are more interested in the show's mythology and backstory, than they are in the characters.

Alternatively, another reason that managers and agents are still waiting by their phones could simply be that Park's source is wrong. Elsewhere in the same Times story, a SciFi spokesperson is quoted as saying

[The channel would] love to see the continuation of 'Battlestar' with a special event akin to Razor but the idea is still in the discussion stage.

Does that mean all of the movies are in the discussion stage, or just a Razor-esque one? Does anyone actually know what's going on over there? And, more importantly, if they do make the spin-off movies, will one of them be a remake of The Love Guru with Baltar in Mike Myers' place?

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@reddingofish: I agree! I can always fall in love with new characters...why sacrifice more story just because I'll miss Starbuck, the younger Adama and...well now that I think of it, everyone's just a little bit annoying these days, so maybe some new blood WOULD be a good idea.