When Apple's Engraving Service Goes Wrong

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When Redditor jayhawk503 bought his new iPod, he got more than he bargained for. He claims he didn't want any damn engraving. We're not sure how true that is, but it's funny nonetheless. [Reddit via Geekosystem]


As soon as you select a color and capacity, this is the page you see after clicking "Continue". It's pretty self-explanatory and apparent. I don't see how this is Apple's engraving service gone wrong. It seems like this guy very purposefully typed in what he wanted engraved. Especially considering he had to type it in two different lines in a box with a header that says, "Engraving is easy and it's free - just start typing your message." and there's a large "Skip engraving" underneath the "Add engraving" button. And he had to click a large green "Add engraving" button to get the engraving he got.

Either he's never ordered something online before or he doesn't understand English very well. Or he's lying about not wanting any engraving.