Which Absolute Buffoon Looked at Linda Hamilton and Decided She Needed 'Tits and Ass' in Her Terminator Costume?

Linda Hamilton @ the Terminators, and also the Termi-haters.
Gif: Paramount

Are they still on this earth? Did her singular glare in that moment not just turn them to an ashen smear on the ground? How did she not do what she has done on screen to many—many—killer robots to this person?


Linda Hamilton is back on the big screen fighting killer robots again, of course, for Terminator: Dark Fate, and as part of a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show alongside the also returning Arnold Schwarzenegger, she discussed having to get into shape again to step into Sarah Connor’s ridiculously heavily armed shoes. As Hamilton recalls in the clip below, she spent a year in training leaning down her physique to portray a Sarah that has, since the events of Terminator 2, spent her adult life mowing down “metal motherfuckers.” From what we’ve seen of Sarah in the movie so far, she certainly looks the part.

Except, it was apparently not enough for the costume department on Dark Fate’s set. Because, according to Hamilton, when arriving to film’s, they saw her and promptly decided that a woman who has spent decades hunting Terminators and casually hauling rocket launchers atop her shoulder like she’s just doing the world’s most explosive groceries run would have a bigger butt and boobs than Hamilton did:

I worked out, leaned out, worked for a year, didn’t have carbohydrates for a year. And then I show up on set, and they’re like “Well, we have to build you a butt.”

Which is interesting, after a year of working out, you know, and leaning down, they had to actually add ass.

Friends, the only assets that should ever be added to Linda Hamilton’s Terminator get ups should be more places for her to hold guns. What nonsense is this!?

This is far from the first time we’ve heard about the demands studio executives and filmmakers make of stars being in shape for their heroic onscreen roles—especially older actors returning to the roles of their younger years. There were endless tales from Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (herself already subject to ridiculously rigorous costuming demands playing Princess Leia decades before returning to the role for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi) about being ordered to get back in shape for their reprisals in the Star Wars sequels, for example.


But come on. Look at Linda Goddamn Hamilton. She clearly got into very good shape for Dark Fate already, and, as she said, leaned down to do so. You’re gonna turn around and tell a lady who, in all likeliness, is far fitter than most of us will ever be at any age, much less when we’re in our ‘60s, and have the audacity to add enhanced “assets” into her costumes?


Audacious indeed. Somehow, I’m not sure Arnie would’ve been told the same thing, ex-bodybuilder or otherwise.

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters November 1.

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Wasn’t Sarah Connor supposed to die from cancer over 20 years ago? I have no idea what loop hole they are using to get around that, but they should have made the bold choice of having her go bald with a kickass headscarf. Maybe have her self-medicating with chemo the same way other action heroes treat their own bullet wounds.