Whirlygig Emoto Steampunk Motorbike Has Electric Motor, Will Steam Your Face Off

You Steampunk fetishists are being spoiled today; first it was the Clarinet Gun Mod and now you have a freaking Steampunk motorcycle. The Whirlygig Emoto by Tom Sepe is so many awesome things in one, it really is amazing it is permitted to exist; it's a motor biking, steam throwing, electricity utilizing, Sci-Fi bag of fantastic. The motorcycle is built on a 1967 Tote-Gote frame, has a 15bhp electric motor and generates a pulses of gushing steam whilst driven, all thanks to a rear mounted boiler. Yes, it has a damn boiler affixed for the crazy effect.


We say effect, but we're not too sure what Tom does with the steam it expels. We seem to think he is a superhero that punishes villans by melting their faces off on the boiling hot outlet. As soon as he gets back to us with his answers to our short interview, we'll let you know if that's true. Until then, checkout the video to see the Whirlygig Emoto in action. [Steampunk Workshop]

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It's a bird

It's a plane.

No, it's a scooter with a 1940's kettle accessory.