Why Don't More TV Makers Sell Solar-Powered Remotes?

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Fair enough, if your lounge is continually cloaked in darkness only heavy curtains and a thirst for home cinema can provide. But most lounges should have enough natural light to charge a solar TV remote, like this stylish Philips number.

While it won't be sold outside of Europe (it comes bundled with their Econova LED TV, which consumes 40W of power when in its eco-friendly mode), I'm mad keen on the design. The picture suggests it slides, but that's actually just a clever image layering the top and bottom on each other.


The control (and TV) go on sale in November for £1199 in the UK (£$1,910), but hopefully it will inspire other manufacturers to do something in the solar-powered remote field.

I don't have to remind you how painful it is prising yourself from a comfy sofa, just to change the channel because the batteries have died. After half an hour of blowing on the batteries, rubbing them between two palms, and switching them around, obviously. I'm sure you all know my pain. [Ecofriend via UberGizmo]