Why is Rainn Wilson pretending to be a pissed-off fantasy author?

Viral marketing can be pretty obnoxious, but Rainn Wilson yelling nonsense about the Dragonsingers and hungry forests is a case study in how to do it right. Superstar commenter 99TelepodProblems has brought this to our attention. Searching for "Xanthony O'Harbinger" brings up a solitary photo on Wilson's Facebook page, and William Gibson seems to like the author.

In any case, I dig it. It reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries and those shitty Mysteries of the Unknown ads.


UPDATE 9/27: It seems to be viral marketing for the fantasy book Wildwood. Thanks, Possibly Malignant!

UPDATE 2: A source tells us that we'll be seeing a full episode of Xanthony soon with some surprise cameos. Hooray!



I see what you did there.