Wine Racks On Bicycles Are Great Ideas

Of all the things that seem a little absurd on paper, a bicycle wine rack would, for me, be up there with beard beanies. But when they look good and get the job done, I might reconsider.

See, I don't necessarily like the idea of a wine bottle hanging precariously between my legs while I'm blazing a trail through the city. My situational awareness is problematic enough as it is. But this particular wine rack I could take on. Handmade leather straps with brass fittings ready for your 1" bike frame. Simple, chic, and effective. And at about $22, pretty cheap.


Check it: You're late for a date with that girl you met at a bar the other night. She tells you she's into biking and enjoys a nice bottle of Amarone. Who knew? So you're racing through the park on your bike only to think, "I forgot the wine!" Don't panic! It's right there. Date saved. [Etsy via CrunchGear]

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