Wired's April cover has Apple on it, and longtime readers and Macheads will notice the similarities between this and the June 1997 issue's art. But while the earlier cover read "Pray" this one reads "Evil/Genius", an homage to the decisions The Steve has made in the face of conventional business school wisdom, and the personality driving it all. The time gap between the covers does a good job of putting Apple's ascension into perspective; this did not happen overnight.

In that time, I think I've probably gained 50 pounds, and you've maybe been hitched, lost your virginity, gained some grays, or earned a few degrees.


The piece is based on editor Leander Kahney's new book Inside Steve's Brain, which comes out in a few weeks. I was lukewarm on posting the cover without any excerpts, turning it into a highly promotional piece for the magazine without any meat (the story goes live later this week). Leander responded, saying he understood and made an offhand mention that he'd be sending the cover to a competitor in an hour. I knew they wouldn't post, and called his bluff, but also recognized the tactic: From the book of Jobs, where he'd often play Newsweek and Time off of each other for access. That got a good chuckle out of both of us. And here I am, posting on the cover. So I guess it worked.

Most people remember it as so, but the old article from the 1997 "Pray" cover was never a slam piece. It was 100 bullets of advice for the then struggling company. Some of the advice was never put into play, but a lot of it was and for the best. [Pray, Inside Steve's Brain]

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