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Our drunk brother-in-law, Kotaku, picked up this wee Sega Dreamcast. No, it doesn't work, but it's so cute. It's actually a little collector's thing that comes in a little bag and you can PRETEND you own a very small obsolete console.

Tacohead over at sent word of a teeny tiny Dreamcast he bought via Lik-Sang. The toy consists of a Dreamcast console deck, removable modem, 2 VMUs, one controller and a copy of Space Channel 5. It gets better. The friggin console s lid opens. Insane.


I would eat the entire thing and wait until each piece—the Dreamcast, the controller, and the game CD—passed through me like a glorious, Sega-themed comet.

World s Smallest Sega Dreamcast [Kotaku]