WorldVibrations WVRS-P Radio Station

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Fight back at the Man for making you listen to Hilary Duff's Wake Up over and over again. Watch as your friends, and even former jock enemies, raise boomboxes high above their heads in support as the FCC takes you away in a grey van. The WVRS-P is here.

This is a radio station in a box, complete with multi-track recording and pod-casting functionality. All you need is an amp and a big antenna to start blasting your own pirate station, pumping up the volume wherever you are. The WVRS-P, which is actually a completely silent, fanless VIA system with lots of good speciality software and outputs, can stream Windows Media, Ogg Vorbis, Real Media or MP3 or send audio to a PA, satellite uplink, or transmitter. It is being used in developing nations to enable small, community radio stations to grow and thrive.


Product Page [WorldVibrations]

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