Sometimes its so cute to watch the big guys discover the Interwebs. Take this story from the WSJ, for example. The news peg, as they call it in the biz-snazz, is that 802.11n is coming out sometimes soon. But in order to churn up a whole feature, they rock the old "something new is happening, but are YOU ready" ploy so popular with nightly news broadcasts ("Next, something new just came out that could kill your kids and castrate your husband... are YOU ready?")

Ultimately we learn that 802.11n flavors from Atheros and Broadcom, two popular chip manufacturers, may not be compatible, at least at first, and that we still don't know when 802.11n will be ratified. Plus, a fellow from Linksys says "The industry will never adopt a technology again where there is a single proprietary vendor." Pith, dear readers. Pith. [Picture ganked from GreatBigStuff]


Faster Wi-Fi Hits Hurdles [WSJ]