X-Men prequel won't have a Kick-Ass Cyclops. Captain America picks its locations. Plus Alan Tudyk's Transformers role!

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Whoever Matthew Vaughn casts as Cyclops in X-Men: First Class, it won't be the star of his last movie. Captain America looks overseas for its 1940s New York. Alan Tudyk is a genius cyber spy...and he plays one in Transformers!


X-Men - First Class:

Producer Tarquin Pack said Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson is probably too busy to play Cyclops, much as he and Matthew Vaughn would love to have him on board. He also said that Vaughn isn't trying to make the Kick-Ass of X-Men movies, and they're very much drawing inspiration from the first two X-Men movies. [MovieWeb]

Captain America:

In what could be construed as one hell of a backhanded compliment to the British cities of Manchester and Liverpool, they have been picked as the "perfect" doubles for 1940's New York City. Specifically, Manchester's North Quarter, because of its towering buildings and older architecture, will do extensive doubling for Steve Rogers's hometown. It will also be the site of a big car chase. [BBC News]

Tron Legacy:

Tron creator Steven Lisberger revealed what he considers the most exciting technological breakthrough of the new movie:

hair. We could not put hair in the first movie because we couldn't technically matte it. People think, well, why does everyone have a helmet on all of the time? It was a technical problem; otherwise there would have been plenty of scenes where they had hair. But I am envious of their ability to matte characters in, I am envious of their precision..."



Transformers 3

Alan Tudyk offered some clues about his character:

"John Turturro's character, who has been in the other two movies, Agent Simmons. I'm a fellow agent of his that is sort of his assistant and weapons expert, computer hacker, cyber sleuth."


[From Hollywood With Love]

Shooting at Milwaukee's Tower Automotive Plant has been canceled due to scheduling changes. The thought is that they were able to find a location in Detroit that can sub in. [Journal Sentinel Online]


I'm running out of even moderately clever ways to set up the latest slew of Transformers set pics, so, um...yeah. Here are some set pics. Actually, make that a lot of set pics: [Pixel Rally]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

Brandon Routh offers a somewhat tongue-in-cheek assessment of his Evil Ex, Todd Ingram:

"I was just going to say there's no humanity because he's vegan. But yeah, there is. You see at the end, before he's extinguished; you see a flash of that, guilt, because he did betray the vegan way. There is real passion or hate for Ramona, or jealousy that she left him. That somebody's better than him. So those are flashes of emotion. He's not a robot. He's just not very good at controlling it, his humanity."



Sucker Punch:

Here's an interview with Zack and Deborah Snyder, as well as cast members Vanessa Hudgens and Carla Gugino. They drop some hints about the overarching premise and their characters: [Wired] Click to view



Here are a few new images: [SpoilerTV]


Joshua Jackson took valuable time out from organizing Pacey-Con II to explain what's most important for Peter this season. Apparently it's all about the machine glimpsed in the season finale:

"The most crucial thing in his life is what that machine is and what he is to that machine.


[TV Guide]

Anna Torv revealed there's "the biggest explosion ever" in the season premiere. [SpoilerTV]


There's a great preview of "8 things you should know about the upcoming 3rd season of Fringe" that's over there, which we recommend checking out in full. Some highlights - there will still be wacky creatures and crazy science for Walter to deal with, we're going to really feel for Walternate's plight (despite the fact that he's torturing Olivia), and John Noble definitely wants the two Walters to have a confrontation. [Blastr]


Lou Ferrigno, the once and future Hulk, will reportedly guest star in the second episode of the new season. He will serve as bodyguard to an evil supermodel spy played by real-life supermodel (though hopefully not real-life evil spy) Karolina Kurkova. [EW]


True Blood:

Lauren Bowles confirmed her character Holly is the new waitress at Merlotte's, and that she's a working single mom. As for the big question about her character - whether she's a witch - she said a confidentiality agreement forbade her from answering, but she certainly seemed to insinuate as much. She did at least say she may have some interesting abilities that will appear later on. She didn't directly answer when asked if she has any bloody scenes, but she did say she "witnesses" that sort of thing. If nothing else, she did concretely say that Holly and Arlene hit it off right away, because they have a lot in common. [Fancast]



Executive producer Sera Gamble shed some more light on this season's monster arc:

"Sam and Dean are looking into the fact that monsters are acting off-pattern. It's sort of a post-apocalyptic landscape and monsters are acting in various weird ways. It's a monster mystery."


Gamble also mentioned that their vampire-centric episode, provisionally titled "Live Free or Twi-Hard", won't just be poking fun at Twilight - it'll also be taking aim at fellow CW show The Vampire Diaries. One of the jokes will include a Twilight reference to "dropping the apple." [The Auisello Files]


Sahar Biniaz has reportedly been cast as Hawkman's love interest Shayera, teaming her up with Carter Hall actor Michael Shanks in the episode "The Shield." It's not confirmed whether she will also appear as Hawkgirl. The aptly named Bradley Stryker (who appeared in the first few episodes of Stargate Universe) is reportedly playing Deadshot in the same episode. [KryptonSite]


The Event:

Make what you will of this tweet from series star Ian Anthony Dale:

Shot a really cool scene today that gives a lot of insight into my character Simon Lee. The fans should get a real kick out of it.



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Jack B. Quick

Argh, sure, be inspired by the first X-films. Since the franchise demanded a reboot for sucking, that makes perfect sense.

Or not. From what I've read so far it seems like just as much clusterfuck of canon-molestation as the previous, maybe that counts as inspiration, I don't know. Or care anymore. Interest remains at zero.