Xbox 360 Case Mod Improves Performance?

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Case modders have now started doing their magic on the Xbox 360, and here's one guy who put the Microsoft gaming machine's innards into a clear plastic box, lit it up with neon and improved its ventilation, too. The best part is, the guy says it runs a lot better since he has freed the components from their former Microsoft-designed confines:

"I personally have noticed a huge difference in graphics frame rate and overall performance, or maybe its just that my 360 can now breath after this mod and maybe my 360 can actually run as the specs on the side of the box!"

Yeah, the case is more than twice as big as the original Xbox 360, but maybe that's just what the components need—a bit of elbow room. Check out our cousins at Kotaku for more pics.

Hoss-Sized Crystal Clear Xbox 360 [Kotaku]