Yahoo Fantasy Sports for iOS & Android: We Finally Have Mobile Drafting

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If you're already a fantasy sports fan, chances are you've used Yahoo's Fantasy Sports app before. And just in time for football season, their newest version of the app comes with a major design overhaul and one very welcome, long await feature—mobile drafting.

What does it do?

The most notable change is the ability to take care of Draft Day entirely on your phone. You'll be able to make mock rosters in preparation for the actual day as well as pick players, set up your queue, check results, and talk to other players all throughout. And just as before, you'll still be able to follow your team with live scoring, manage your roster, get notifications for news alerts, chat on message boards, etc.


Why do we like it?

As far as fantasy sports go, Yahoo's app is pretty much the end all be all, whether you like it or not. But this newest update makes it a joy to use—it's generally faster, the UI has been simplified, and the free notifications mean you can stay up to date without even thinking about it. Plus, with the addition of mobile drafting, you could theoretically spend the entire season solely on your mobile device and have just as much functionality as you would on a desktop. So if you've got to be stuck with something, this more than does the job.

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The Best: Mobile drafting

The Worst: Now if only it could predict the future


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Kevin Reilly

This is great for people who are in a league with friends out of state or friends who have kids... But as a strapping young lad who uses any excuse to crack open a few beers with friends, I prefer an in-person draft.