YOTO T I-PEN Spy Camera Has Built-In Memory For Convenient Office Stakeouts

Pen spy cameras usually work wirelessly in conjunction with a base, beaming images surreptitiously onto a recording device or a monitor so you can enjoy them from afar. This YOTO pen, however, has the storage built in, meaning you'll have to wait until later to watch those 15FPS 352x288 videos or look at those 640x480 still pics. Just be careful how many times you drop this under the secretary's desk, or else you'll be not only out of a job, but probably have some criminal charges on your head too. [Yoto via imp3 via PMPToday]


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@Git Em SteveDave: I actually went so far as to get a bunch of "sacrficial decoy pens" and put the on the pen jar on my desk (they were already all empty of ink) and hiding my good pens under stacks of work, since NO one is going to take work off my desk.

I love to watch when some sucker comes over and "borrows" a pen then repeatedly shakes it trying to get it to work as I innocently sit and say "Yes, it worked the last time, maybe you should walk the 20 feet to the supply closet and GET one...."