You Can Actually Buy the Tron Light Cycle Now

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If there's one thing cooler than riding a motorcycle, it's riding a Tron:Legacy Light Cycle. Now you can, and without harming the environment.


Launched at the Milan International Motorcycle Show over the weekend, Evolve Motorcycle's new creation is the Xenon: an all-electric replica of Tron's iconic Light Cycle.


The bike features a 40,000 watt motor powered by custom lithium-ion batteries, and can zip you through the dark city streets at up to 100 mph. The blue glow is made possible thanks to OLED light tape, and the thing takes three hours to charge.

You get a 30 mile range, but Evolve say that if you're light enough and ride responsibly, you might be able to squeeze 100 miles out of it. Though somehow I suspect it is impossible to ride responsibly.

It's based on the custom-made Parker Brothers Choppers version of the Light Cycle, but the Xenon is actually commercially available. Since you're dying to ask, it can be yours for just $55,000.

Of course, if Tron's not quite your style, you might prefer Parker Brothers Choppers' rather more burly electric bike, The Detonator. [via Endgadget; Image: Evolve Motorcyles]


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"Now you can [ride a Tron light cycle], and without harming the environment."

This might be hyperbole and not meant to be taken literally, but I see statements in this vein all the time and they are simply not true.

Do many people really believe that using electricity has no impact on the environment?

I mean, I get that it's less harmful than gasoline in some ways because there is no exhaust, but it's not like all electricity just falls out of the sky or from wind power into the electric grid. Almost 90% of it comes from coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. These processes have a much higher impact on the environment than solar and wind or hydroelectric.

I'm not tying to take away from the fact that electric vehicles cause less environmental harm than gasoline burning vehicles, which is a good thing. But to say there is no harm is incorrect.