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You Can Now Get a Nook HD For $150

Illustration for article titled You Can Now Get a Nook HD For $150

Following last week's decision to make its tablet actually useful with the addition of Google Apps, Barnes & Noble has now slashed the price of its Nook HD range.


Until the 12th May—yes, this is a Mother's Day offer—the price of the Nook HD line is cut both online and in-store. So, a 8GB 7-inch Nook HD will set you back $150, down from its usual $200, and a 16GB version is $180, down from $230. If you need something bigger, the 9-inch Nook HD+ is $180 for a 16GB version (usually $270) or $209 for a 32GB one (normally $300).


The Nook HD sure isn't perfect—its biggest crime is that it's a bit slow—but with Google Apps and a healthy discount, it might be worth considering if you're on a tight budget. [Barnes & Noble via Verge]

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