Your First Look at the Mysterious, Excellent Sci-Fi Film, Freaks

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A father keeps his daughter locked in their house, terrified of what might happen if she interacts with the outside world. Why? That’s just the first of many mysteries in the upcoming sci-fi film Freaks.

Freaks will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, but a short teaser just came online, and it has some very, very intriguing visuals.

What’s up with those bleeding eyes? That floating blood? The slow motion fire? It seems like there’s a lot going on in Freaks this quick teaser isn’t saying.


In fact, there is. I saw Freaks recently ahead of its premiere in Toronto and enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s a great piece of world-building, filled with suspense and surprises, leading to some awesome, genre-bending set pieces. I won’t say more than that until our full review in the coming weeks, but get this one on your radar.

That shouldn’t be difficult considering the cast. As you can see, Emile Hirsch plays the father, along with the legendary Bruce Dern, Silicon Valley’s Amanda Crew, and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park. It’s written and directed by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, who got their big breaks on the long-gone Fox TV show On the Lot, which was produced by Steven Spielberg, and have since been working on all manner of TV movies and shows, including the upcoming Kim Possible film. This, however, really feels like their biggest thing yet, and they crushed it.


For more on Freaks, visit its official website, and check back after its TIFF premiere for a review.