First Amazon UK leaked the price and ship date of the new Oculus Touch controller in the UK, Now we know the price and ship date in the US.

The controllers, which Oculus has been promising for a couple of years now and delayed when shipping the Oculus Rift back in April, will cost $200 and ship December 6. Pre-orders start October 10.

The Touch controllers could be the best controls available in VR, we really liked them when we went hands on with them last year. They let you interact with the virtual world in much the same fashion as the controllers from HTC and Sony, but they also recognize additional hand guestures—which will be useful when more of the social features Mark Zuckerberg promised launch.

However these controllers (which should work with up to 35 titles intially) launched more than six months after the headset, and their $200 price tag makes the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers the exact same price as the HTC Vive headset and controllers—which still has superior head-tracking


If Oculus wants to wow us these controllers will need to be pretty damn great.

Also announced were new earbuds that you can use instead of the junky over-ear headphones built into the Oculus Rift. With sound purported to be as good as unnamed $900 earbuds, the Oculus Rift earphones retail for just $49 and ship December 6. As with the Touch controllers, pre-orders start October 10.