MacInDell Part DeuxOk, you filthy petards, explain this with your Pear OS X/QuickTime full-screening hoax-busting. Look at the above image and then pop past the jump for what Pear looks like in the wild.

Either OS X-Intel, codename Revolver Ocelot, has been leaked and pirated or somebody is shooting snaps of Beta developer's copies or whatever, but the truth is out there. The first person to point me to a torrent of OS X Revolver Ocelot gets a slightly used Tamagotchi that may have been in or near my colon. Think about it: Apple now has a ready-made group of haX0rz who will download and dual-boot OS X on their k3wl compy 386es. They have a ready-made audience. Don't you see? Soylent green is people!

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MacInDell Part Deux


What is it with your haters? Can't you just accept that maybe there exists Intel OS X somewhere?

For example, Brian says:

I didn't believe it myself, so I looked at the pictures. NOTICE THE MAC MINI in the background. The guy probably hacked the about to say Intel... and has the mac mini displayed through his laptop screen. Then a little picture overlay to make it look like it is a dual boot system. I'm not buying it and the Mac Mini definitely makes it look that much more suspicious.