Chercher! Il Gizmodo, El Gizmodo, De Gizmodo, Das Gizmodo,

Starting today (well, Monday, but I couldn't wait to tell you about it), this site is being published in six languages and seven foreign lands. Next step: Organizing an international coalition to stop Apple and Motorola from going to war.

I've been Google translating the pages all morning just to see how the Gizmo-poetry sounds in another tongue.

  • The remote controls of this type are blessed bread.
  • Yes, he is friends well, they pass and they watch the new ones, improved notebooks of Thinkpad Z series Titanium Edition.
  • Cuidadito hamburgers, that Nokia is selling movable more express than a hamburger roasts.
  • If as me you suffer from a visual deficiency such as it would be impossible for you to distinguish your compagne(-on) from a burglar benefitting from one night without star for you d trousser, you will recognize that to read the hour in middle of the night raises of the challenge.
  • Mistresses to write until the dawn as they made the poets cursed?

    Sheer genius.

    So, ladies and gentlemen from around the world and all our ships at sea, welcome to the brave new world of Gizmodo International Editions.