DAP Delights for October 11

Today's DAP Headlines:

Today we'll show you some nice shots of Sony's hot new NW-A1000/3000 DAPs, a patent that could hold the key to the latest iPod feature, and a triple-capacity Rio Karma. Plus, an Mp3 player has received a perfect review, and surprisingly, it's not an iPod.

DAP Delights for October 11


The latest and greatest Sony players are here (by "here" of course I mean Japan). Anyway, ATRACLife took some excellent photos comparing the new DAPs to the legacy Sony models. An important thing to note; next-generation devices are usually smaller than their predecessor, but here, the A3000 is actually larger than the previous NW-HD5 player.

Another iPod rumor has passed by our ears, but this time it's not related to video. A little patent research has shown us that Apple employees have applied for a patent relating to a method for approximating an on-screen graphic equalizer. Is this the next big iPod feature? We may find out tomorrow.


DAP Delights for October 11

Rio may be dead, but their revered Karma is not. In fact, it has just been successfully modded by a user to hold a 60 GB hard drive (one that is much larger than the stock 20 GB drive). Okay, so in order to make room in the case the guy had to use a smaller battery, which halves the battery life, but it might be worth it. Or you could just grab a 60 GB iPod, if you roll that way.

DAP Delights for October 11So, how does an Mp3 player no one's heard of get a perfect rating in a review? That's a great question, especially since in our review we felt the Nex3 from Frontier Labs (who?) was very average. Maybe the reviewers mistook it for an iPod. That's understandable; the Nex3 is small, it's yellow, it's...eh, nevermind.

Thanks folks, see you next time.