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This Week in Kotaku: Legislation makes it a Federal crime to "flame" over the Internet. Kotaku commenting members tremble with fear. Some internal and totally unconfirmed leaks from GameStop hint at peril for the software retailer. Continuing to try and desperately create the perfect gaming setups, this week Kotaku tries to find the best cables for gaming. As word continues to spread about the PS3 hitting shelves this year, speculation on the system's price is only going to get more and more frequent. And with a final flourish, Peter Moore indicates that after all of the talk of "format wars," the Xbox 360 could support Blu-Ray discs, after all.

Packaged with a law on preventing violence against women, under the "cyberstalking," part is the Federal government's attempt at keeping message boards everywhere safe from infinite trolling. The law's exact text promises a two year imprisonment and/or fine for little board warriors all over the country. Of course the first thing that happened over at Kotaku? Our own commenters harassed us. Go figure.

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Murmurs via the Kotaku tips line from a GameStop manager point to the software retailer having some internal issues. An email is allegedly circulating within the company encouraging managers to expect hours to be reduced in order to protect profits. Speculation points to profits being too slim to foot the bills on the payroll for upper middle management. True or untrue, I've always felt that's how business works, anyway.


Your gaming system, home audio system, home theater system are all only as good as their weakest link. That's the company line you'll get fed at retailers and most of the time they'll say "you need better cables." OK, big deal, what ones are the best? Kotaku takes a look by asking our wonderful group of trolls commenters for a hand.

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In a bit of linked-but-not-specifically-linked next-gen speculation, CNN Money columnist Chris Morris sparked some debate with a piece on pinning down the PS3's pricepoint. Analyst P.J. McNealy thinks the system should launch between $399-$499 here in the U.S., other developers have speculated that the figure will be even higher. Is Sony positioning themselves to release a truly expensive next-gen machine? Or is this an elaborate smoke and mirrors display to make us really feel like we're getting a deal when the system launches under the price of the Xbox 360's Premium Pack?

Speaking of that ol' Xbox 360, nary a week goes by that it doesn't draw posts over at Kotaku, the 360 being the new kid on the block, and all. Last week Peter Moore hinted that if necessary, the Xbox 360 could support the Blu-Ray disc format via an external DVD player a la Microsoft's plans to support HD-DVD in 2006.