If you're a trap or skeet shooter, you know how your shoulder feels after firing off a few cases of shotgun shells at those defenseless clay pigeons. Beretta comes to the rescue with its Xtrema2 Recoiless Shotgun, a gas-operated shooter with a hydraulic recoil damper which keeps that sucker from knocking you over every time you shoot it. Okay, okay, it's a gun, but just so you know, we're not into killing animals—at least not personally—but we do like to take us down a clay pigeon or two from time to time.

Berretta Extrema2: In the Hands of a Master

Check out this promo video from Beretta, where you can see the art of skeet and trap shooting embodied in this one highly-skilled man, who at one point throws 10 clay pigeons into the air, and then shoots every one of them with this $1600 gun. It's downright remarkable.


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