007, Dial Another Day: Sony Ericsson W850i Unboxing

We're so dissapointed that James Bond is packing outdated Sony Ericsson cellphones in Casino Royale. I suppose that's fitting for an actor who didn't know how to drive stick shift before the film.

We can't help Bond drive any better—we'll leave that to our bros at Jalopnik—but we can give old Q a hand in choosing some superior firepower for our favorite limey spy. Gizmodo readers in London— meaning you can't get it here—are raving about the W850i.

It's the latest sliding Walkman phone with 3G connectivity, music identification service that can ID any track you play for it, and a shell as black as Bond's tuxedo. There's a 2mp camera, too, and a 320 by 240 pixel screen. And it ships with a 1gb memory stick pro. Click through to see the phone I wish I could get. [Thanks Christopher Abrid]


007, Dial Another Day: Sony Ericsson W850i Unboxing