Thanko USB Face and Ass Warmer

It's been a long, cold month for all your gadget lovers. If you weren't out in the rain waiting for your PS3, chances are you spent the weekend braving the cold just to snatch a Wii. Now that you're back indoors, what better way to pamper yourself than with Thanko's USB warmers. First up is the luxurious ass warmer, which keeps every inch of your bu-dunk-a-dunk-dunk nice and toasty. But why stop with your derriere?

Click through for a look at the face warmer.

Thanko USB Face and Ass Warmer


Thanko's USB face warmer works like a sleeping mask to keep your eyes, nose, and other cheeks nice and rosy. I still can't picture anyone in their right mind using these, but at this point, I'm just glad they're separate products.


Thanko [via Sci Fi Tech]