There's no doubt that the throngs of people waiting outside the Sony store in NY last night had it rough, but in case you're wondering just how bad things got, Gawker videographer Richard Blakeley braved the elements to show you how quickly some Sony fanboys went from PS3 lovers to PS3 haters once the rain started.

If you wanna know what it was like for the media, hit the jump for this blogger's account.

7.30pm: Rain begins. We arrive at the Sony auditorium, check in, and are told to wait outside.
8pm: More members of the press congregate in front of the auditorium. We're told we'll have to check in (again) an hour later to receive our badges.
8.30pm: It's a straight out downpour. We're talkin' Noah's ark kinda rain. Sony fan boys are getting soaked as spoiled members of the press huddle together underneath an awning (which didn't help much) wondering if there'll be an open bar inside (there wasn't).
9pm: An hour later, media check-in begins. Everyone rushes to the entrance only to encounter another delay. Why? All the media badges are intertwined in one giant knot. Mysteriously enough, not a single pair of scissors can be found on the island of Manhattan.
9:15pm: Completely drenched from head to toe, we finally make it inside PS3 paradise, home of the lovely PS3 booth babes (more to come on that) and one of the best DJs we've heard in a long time.
10:30pm: By now a good number of fanboys have been allowed into the auditorium. Ludacris takes the stage to introduce Charlie Murphy who does a short, but funny skit. Later Mr. Sony himself, Sir Howard Stringer, makes an appearance to rev up the crowd. (As if the rain hadn't revved them up already).
12am: First console is handed over. Angel Paredes sprints back home never to be seen again by friends or family.


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12.15am-?: Numbers are announced Bingo-style over an intercom. Once you're section is called, you make yet another line as you wait to enter the Sony store to fork over your $599 bucks.
12:30am: Fanboys start falling asleep. I head home only to find out that my new iPod Nano (which was in my bag the whole time) has died due to rain injuries. R.I.P.