Amimon Wireless HD: Good as HDMI, Coming in 2007?

Until now, we thought we'd have to wait until 2008 for wireless HD, but an Israeli company called Amimon successfully demonstrated a wireless high definition interface (WHDI) that can send uncompressed 720p or 1080i video through walls and over distances of up to 40 feet. Tech writers from PC Magazine saw a demo of the system, saying they couldn't tell the difference between this wireless HD signal compared directly to a signal delivered over standard HDMI cable.

Amimon says by its late 2007 release, it will be able to support 3Gb/s throughput by binding two 20MHz channels together. Hey, wait a minute, that's enough to drive a 1080p display. Amimon will be flaunting this wireless HD technology at CES, and we'll train our eagle eyes on it and give you a full report.

Product Page [Amimon, via Extreme Tech]