Asus XG Station is World's First External Laptop Graphics Card

We're all for overengineered upgrades for the PC. This dock is like a magic shoehorn that'll let you use a top line desktop gaming card with a laptop. That's like jamming an 18-wheeler's diesel engine under the hood of your civic. One laptop, paired with an EN7900GS graphics card, gained a 9-fold jump in speed. yes, those numbers are without context, but we're almost talking double digits. Forgive me if I'm excited.

It connects the two via the laptop's express card slot, and the 3D card's PCI express interface. The dock also has USB ports, a headphone jack, and that luscious LCD that shows PC stats like GPU clock speed, temp, master volume, and FPS.


Asus XG Station [via Far East Gizmos and Crave]