The Best Watergun is Buzzbee's Water Warriors Tarantula

Slate's Chad Lorenz does an entertaining and technically sound review of modern water guns, choosing the Water Warriors Tarantula as his top choice for best-in-class accuracy, a 33-foot range, and 47-ounce payload good for 112 rounds per reload. This is all despite what I perceive as it's major shortcoming: It's electric. Let me explain.

Compared to handcranked, hydraulic and pneumatic models, this one can be a) shorted out by a waterballoon (to which Chad recommends reinforcing your seams with electrical tape) and b) once you're done with 3 reloads, you're also out of juice. Game over, man, Game over! This is a lesson I learned the hard way in 3rd grade, playing with electric waterguns by a company I can't recall now. It's a terrible feeling to be holed up in a bad position as your ammo stream starts to wilt like a tangled garden hose. I suppose that's less of an issue when you're packing two of these pistols, John Woo style, with a third one strapped to your back. Hey, they're only $15. Might as well get one for an ankle holster, too. [Slate]