TiVo Series 4, First Mumblings

Zatz, ever watchful TiVo fan, noticed the Third Quarter earnings for TiVo make reference to a new box that can do video on demand. It's a thin thread, but we'll take it as the first piece of soil that we can use to plant those rumor seeds:

TiVo and the cable industry have come to an agreement on a blueprint for a retail TiVo DVR using the cable industry's OpenCable Application Platform that will have full two-way cable service functionality. While the technical specifications are still being worked out, such a set-top box will mean TiVo subscribers will be able to get full access to cable VOD and other two-way cable services. This could also mean that a standalone TiVo offering could fully substitute for a cable operator set-top box.
This is different from the switched video USB dongle we wrote about the other day . Zatz, knowledgeable of these things, believes such support for OCAP would need to stem from fresh hardware, and not just a USB device on a current setup. [Zatz ]