We're here, and the Panasonic presser is just about to begin. Buzz is heavy here—lines are long waiting outside, in anticipation of a gigantic TV. We'll see. Refresh, scroll, and experience this event along with us.

Panasonic CEO Yoshi Yamada takes the stage, talking about Panasonic's HD efforts, the uptake of HDTV in the US, and general corporate braggadocio. He added that Panasonic has joined with Toshiba and Sharp to set up a sustainable system to recycle electronics products. Lots of companies are going green, and it's good to hear these three are jumping on the bandwagon.

Shiro Kitajima, Panasonic president, said the company was now adopting the subbrand Viera for all its flat panel displays, both Plasma and LCD.


Hey look at this: VieraLink connects Panasonic TVs to SD cards. Plug the card into the Viera TV and then you can see the photos on that screen. These TVs will also be able to play back HD movies from an SD card.

Panasonic Press Briefing: Live


Showed a 32GB SDHC card that can hold 5.8 hours of 1080p HD video. Slipped that into one of these TVs and it was playing back cleanly. Too bad they didn't say when these would be available.

Panasonic Press Briefing: Live

Panasonic now has 16 plasma TVs, and a new one with 46" scren size. Fourteen 1080p to choose from. Four will be THX certified. The 37" Viera 37LZ800 is another new offering. More on that later. Then there was the DMP-BD30 Blu-ray player that accepts AVCHD SD cards

And here's the beginning of the HD chick stereo, the SC-BT100, a home theater in a box surround sound system with a built-in Blu-ray player that has one of those SD card slots on board.

Panasonic Press Briefing: Live

Link to cellphone: Haven't we seen this idea somewhere before? Put your home phone next to Link to Cell, then it hooks that cell up to your landline, and it'll accommodate up to two Bluetooth-enabled cellphones.

Panasonic Press Briefing: Live

Strada GP50U. GPS navigator with 5" display. Panasonic's first GPS system.

Panasonic Press Briefing: Live

And finally, the HDC-HS9 HD camcorder has SD card slot and 60GB drive. cn record 22 hours of video. We're getting our hands on that one for a video—stay tuned.