I want this. An Apple Keyboard that would allow me to connect my iPhone and use the screen as a control surface capable of showing buttons and small apps, like the Asus Eee Keyboard.

If you are not envious about the Asus Eee Keyboard-the 21st Century Commodore 64 with side-touchscreen instead of function keys-I am. The idea of having a small control surface next to my keyboard, one that would morph into different user interfaces depending on the application I am running-which could be incredible useful for both professional work, like having Photoshop shortcuts-and personal entertainment-like games or iTunes-makes perfect sense.

And then, when you add the idea of having small apps that I'm constantly looking at, but I don't want interfering in my main display, it's even better.


That's why I liked the tiny Mimo USB displays with touchscreen capability, like the one Jason reviewed. If Apple released this thing along some iPhone applications like NumberKey, I think they would sell like hot cakes.

What about these other apps?
Apple Desktop Keyboard with iPhone Dock Concept Makes Perfect Sense


We came across an Apple Keyboard concept similar to this. Instead of including a docking station, that concept had an induction charging surface-which I think doesn't make sense since, when you are next to your computer, you may as well dock-and a few OLED keys-which I don't think make sense either, since the iPhone surface could fit that role perfectly.