Dell Studio XPS 8000, 9000 Desktops Look Good, Use Latest Intel Chips

The sleek multimedia PCs can be configured with Intel's new "Lynnfield" Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The 9000 takes-over from the Studio XPS 435 with new "performance graphics options", while the 8000 has a smaller, but similarly-styled case design.

The Studio XPS 8000 starts at $800, and that includes a 500GB hard disk, 4GB of DDR3-1066 RAM, and Intel's new Core i5-750 (2.66GHz) processor. That's not too shabby, and early Core i5-750 tests suggest its shaping up to provide some respectable bang for your buck. If that's not enough grunt for your games, the Core i7-860 (2.8GHz) and Core i7-870 (2.93GHz) CPUs will cost you an extra $170 or $380. RAM capacity goes up to 16GB, and you can also opt for up to 2TB of storage (RAID 0).

As you'd expect with mainstream gaming/multimedia themed PCs, Blu-ray is also an option for both PCs. The 9000 isn't up on Dell's site yet, but it's expected to start at about $900, and have slightly higher-end CPU and graphics options. [Dell]