1950s Stereo 3D Projector Is Luke's Grandpa

I first saw this 1950s projector when I was a kid. He was evil, he killed that Old Dude, but at the end the Goodguys blew up his Badass Star. It comes without its black cape and lightsaber, but works.

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The Stereo Realist Model 81 3-D Slide Projector was manufactured in 1950 by the David White Sales Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has dual lenses—with 3.5" focal length, f.2.8 aperture—and runs on two 500-watt bulbs which are cooled by two separate fans.

Not old school enough for you? Fear not, my dear readers, for you have to feed two slides at a time into this thing—to create amazing stereo imagesby hand: There's a slide tray on the top of the projector, with a rotary carrier that pushes the slides when you activate the handle on its back.

Darth Vader is now for sale on eBay, and I wouldn't be surprised if the great Ralph McQuarrie owned or saw one, once upon a time. [eBay via Star Wars Blog]