Official: Verizon Wireless Absorbing Alltel to Become Largest US Carrier

We mentioned it yesterday, but now Verizon Wireless is kissing and telling: It will pay around $6 billion for Alltel, adding 13 million customers in 34 states to the Verizon subscriber ranks. That should put Verizon's total at 80 million—high above AT&T's last-reported 71 million customers. Though Alltel and Verizon… »6/05/08 9:55am6/05/08 9:55am

Verizon In Talks to Buy Alltel, Become Biggest Wireless Carrier With Over 80 Million Subscribers

Not the first time this rumor has popped up, but Reuters is reporting that Verizon is in talks to pick up nationwide runt Alltel in a $27 billion deal that would make Verizon Wireless the biggest carrier on the block, with over 80 million subscribers, topping AT&T (67 million + 13 million). The deal's feasible-both… »6/04/08 3:33pm6/04/08 3:33pm

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Carriers of Text Message Price Gouging

When you do the math on it, sending a text message requires such a tiny amount of bandwidth that, based on data transfer rates, they should round down to free. Clearly, that's not the case, with every single carrier using text messaging as a fun excuse to gouge their customers with insane prices for such a popular… »5/20/08 10:40am5/20/08 10:40am

Alltel Adds 1 Million Subscribers, Makes Sprint Feel Even Worse

Alltel, the runt of the nationwide carriers, added 1 million customers this past quarter, totally now over 13 million subscribers. Even though the CDMA-based carrier says it operates the "largest" network, we don't actually know anyone who uses it. Still, its aggressive pricing strategies and frogdesign-based… »5/15/08 11:55am5/15/08 11:55am

Dealzmodo: Alltel Gives Two-Year My Circle Customers a Free Number

To celebrate their 2nd anniversary of My Circle, the plan that lets you call an X amount of numbers for free, Alltel is adding one extra number onto each plan that's two years old. The 10 and 20 number plan now gets bumped up to 11 and 21. The My Circle 5 plan people get nothing. Sorry cheapos. It is a pretty good… »4/22/08 6:45pm4/22/08 6:45pm

Analog Cell Network Goes Bye-Bye, Escalade Owners Weep

Sad news in the rap community: As of December 31, OnStar will no longer support its own analog systems in older vehicles, in anticipation of the analog cellphone shutdown scheduled for Feb. 19, 2008. Most of us no longer have analog phones, not even those dual-band and tri-band ones capable of analog roaming. Still,… »12/26/07 11:17am12/26/07 11:17am

Consumer Reports Cellphone Service Survey 2008 Published: Verizon Number One

Consumer Reports just published its latest Annual Survey of Cellphone Service in its January 2008 issue, consisting of responses from 47,629 readers. As it's noted in its previous surveys over the past six years, the respected nonprofit publication says that cell service is "among the lower rated services we survey."… »12/03/07 9:51am12/03/07 9:51am

Afternoon News: Alltel's Pearl 8130, $6 Billion Ink Over-Charge and Broken Zune Song Tags

• The American Consumer Institute estimates that consumers overpay for printer ink by $6 billion a year, since there is no competition in the market of printer ink. [Cameratown via Gadget Lab]
• Alltel will be releasing its version of the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 just in time for the holidays, with a price of $149 after… »11/21/07 7:48pm11/21/07 7:48pm