Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Carriers of Text Message Price Gouging

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When you do the math on it, sending a text message requires such a tiny amount of bandwidth that, based on data transfer rates, they should round down to free. Clearly, that's not the case, with every single carrier using text messaging as a fun excuse to gouge their customers with insane prices for such a popular feature. Well, people are getting a little sick of paying $0.20 to send 15 characters of text; a class action lawsuit has just been filed against all the major carriers for price gouging.


The suit, which targets AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Cellular South and Virgin Mobile (T-Mobile was targeted in a similar suit last week), seeks "recovery for actual and compensatory damages sustained by plaintiffs and others similarly situated. At this time, plaintiffs are specifically seeking recovery against the defendants for unauthorized charges, wrongful collections and unjust enrichment." Its peg is based on charges that people receive from unsolicited texts even if they don't want to have a text message plan at all, but it could have ramifications that reach beyond that. Or not. Something tells me that the carriers won't be giving up their beloved ripoff text plans without a serious fight. [RCR Wireless News via Engadget]

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@buzaw0nk: au contraire, dear Wonk. I am for any tech that improves the human condition, but txting in its currant state is a blight on the ass of human interaction.

I text people once, when there is a small point to make, or a location to give, or a piece of information that does not require a response. I find it a waste of time to attempt to have a conversation with someone on a gadget designed to send a VOICE, but am instead forced to respond ORLY? with hyper/meta language that destroys the beauty of the English language that I so love.

I do not fear change, but do fear an idiocracy. The stupids are out breading the smarts, and sending more than 20 texts to one person in a day indicates to me the same level of intelligence as does owning a Billy Bass.

So, go ahead and be cranky that I don't like text messaging.