Analog Cell Network Goes Bye-Bye, Escalade Owners Weep

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Sad news in the rap community: As of December 31, OnStar will no longer support its own analog systems in older vehicles, in anticipation of the analog cellphone shutdown scheduled for Feb. 19, 2008. Most of us no longer have analog phones, not even those dual-band and tri-band ones capable of analog roaming. Still, certain systems still rely on the network, including burglar alarms, utility meter readers and in-car help systems—not just OnStar but also LexusLink and Mercedes-Benz TeleAid. When AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Alltel switch off their networks, many OnStar users will find themselves SOL. [AP; OnStar Digital Transition]


Buford T. Justice

@robinandtami: We also have fun running over you hand-wringing envirotards... I just do it in a Range Rover HSE.

Hint: Global warming has far more to do with major industry and developing nations without proper environmental controls than SUV usage.

Hint #2: Politically motivated 'look-good/feel-good' solutions end up doing as much damage (if not more). Sometimes the fix is more onerous than the problem was in the first place.

Y'all apparently don't know dick about wealth... an Escalade doesn't put forth the image of wealth in any way shape or form unless you're from Bumblefart, ND or some other backwater. An Aston-Martin, a Bentley Arnage, an Alpina (google it) or some other vehicular unobtanium... if it's garish, anyone with real wealth will stay WAY far away. Witness the Maybach.

@NeoPoliticus: Or it could be that some of us have an '05, an '07 and an '08 and never saw the need to get rid of perfectly good vehicles. So the oldest goes to the ranch, the '07 goes to the maid and the '08 is the 'hot-spare/errand wagon'. Can't have the dog being hauled around in some junker POS, can I? Whatever would the other moms and dads at Doggy Day-Care think???