Amazon's New Kindle Avalanche: Everything You Need to Know

It's Kindle Day! Earlier this afternoon Amazon unleashed its Kindle HD: a gorgeous content-chomping Android tablet. Here's everything you need to know about the new features on the 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions Amazon's new monster, as well as its new best-in-class Kindle Paperwhite ereader. Get comfy; we've got a lot… » 9/06/12 4:49pm 9/06/12 4:49pm

Amazon's Next Kindle Will Be Front-Lit and Its Next Kindle Fire Will Be…

Reuters is reporting that the next Kindle will be front-lit and will be coming out in July. It's a smart move because it'll let users read their Kindles in the dark and an obvious one for Amazon to make as Barnes and Noble already has a front-lit Nook. » 5/14/12 2:55pm 5/14/12 2:55pm

The Kindle Fire Is So Cheap Because Amazon Built It That Way

The Kindle Fire is a huge deal in part at least because it's so cheap. But reports that Amazon is taking a loss to make the tablet a bargain have been greatly exaggerated. The Kindle Fire is inexpensive by design. » 10/03/11 11:00am 10/03/11 11:00am

Rumor: The Kindle Fire Is Only a "Stopgap" Before the Real Amazon…

Ryan Block at gdgt has word via his sources that the Amazon Kindle Firethe device that can truly go toe-to-toe with the iPad—isn't the tablet they're putting their faith in. The real new hotness will be the second-gen Fire. And it's coming soon. » 9/27/11 1:31pm 9/27/11 1:31pm

Interactive Kindle Books Are My Kind of Nostalgia

I think we can all agree that if Shakespeare had been alive in the late-80s, he would've written Choose Your Own Adventure books. So thank you, Amazon, for bringing one of mankind's greatest literary genre achievements to Kindle. » 9/09/11 6:40pm 9/09/11 6:40pm

This Is What Amazon's Kindle Tablet Looks Like

Behold the new Amazon Kindle! A full color 7-inch tablet that is basically a front to all their books, music, movies and products, just like we imagined. TechCrunch has a nice description, so we made a nice mock-up. » 9/02/11 5:25pm 9/02/11 5:25pm

United Airlines Doesn't Give a Damn What You Lost on Their Planes

Steve Silberman suffered through a flight from Hell. Not only did United attendants ask him to switch seats when the woman next to him irrationally demanded so, but after forgetting his Kindle on the plane, the attendants refused to grab it. » 8/30/11 9:00pm 8/30/11 9:00pm

Amazon Now Offers Kindle Daily Deals

If you have a Kindle (or a PC/iOS/Android device), and like cheap books (I assume you do, but who knows, maybe you derive pleasure from hemorrhaging cash), Amazon now offers a daily deal for books. » 8/25/11 2:33pm 8/25/11 2:33pm

Amazon Bypasses Apple's New iOS Rules With Kindle Cloud Reader

If you were wondering how Amazon was going to get around Apple's new rule banning developers from linking to their own stores from within an iOS app, here's your answer: an optimized web-browser Kindle reader, for iPads. » 8/10/11 6:35am 8/10/11 6:35am

Amazon Kindle 3G with Special Offers Gets Even Cheaper, Only Costs $140

The Kindle 3G with Special Offers—the one with the ads—is getting its price slashed by $25 (courtesy of an AT&T sponsorship) and will now only cost $140. That makes it $50 cheaper than the regular Kindle 3G. [AT&T] » 7/13/11 10:15am 7/13/11 10:15am

Your Kindle NY Times Subscription Finally Gets You Free…

As it was promised, so it has been given: those who (totally inexplicably) subscribe to the New York Times on their Kindles now have carte blanche access to the Grey Lady's website. Congratulations! Although honestly why weren't you just doing this the whole time? » 7/07/11 2:04pm 7/07/11 2:04pm

Kindle's Most Prolific Self-Publishers Are Spammers

Amazon's Kindle hasn't just revolutionized the publishing industry by making dead tree tomes increasingly obsolete. It's also opened the door to thousands of self-made Shakespeares, self-publishers who sell their written wares—sometimes very lucratively—online. Oh, and spam. Lots and lots of spam. » 6/17/11 2:00pm 6/17/11 2:00pm

Amazon Conveniently Doubles Kindle's Listed Battery Life to Match Nook's

Yesterday, the Amazon Kindle's battery life was listed at a respectable one month. Today—a day after the Nook Simple Touch Reader claimed a two-month battery life—Kindle experienced a sudden leap in longevity. Keeping up with the Barneses, eh? » 5/25/11 6:43pm 5/25/11 6:43pm

How Would You Explain the Kindle to Charles Dickens?

Tasked with the assignment of explaining something modern or internet-related to to someone who died before 1900, Rachel Walsh decided to demonstrate the Kindle to Dickens. Creating 40 mini books of Dickens' favorite titles, they were placed inside a hardback. » 5/12/11 4:40am 5/12/11 4:40am

There'll Be No New E-Ink Displays For the Kindle and Other Ereaders…

Ereaders are as good as they'll get for now—at least, in regards to the displays used in them, as E Ink (the company which supplies displays to Amazon and Barnes & Noble) told CNet not to expect anything this year. » 5/03/11 9:40am 5/03/11 9:40am

Amazon's Shipping the Ad-Supported Kindle a Week Early

Pre-ordered one of those slightly-cheaper ad-supported Kindles? Good news! Amazon's said they're sending them out a week early, from tomorrow. For the uninitiated, this Kindle costs $25 less than regular ones, but comes with the occasional advert on its screensaver. [All Things D] » 4/27/11 10:02am 4/27/11 10:02am

Case Logic's Water Resistant Kindle Case

The Kindle is the perfect vacation and leisure gadget, except for two things: the sea and bath tubs can really put the hurt on it. And, second only to a light, there's almost no more important accessory for a Kindle than a water-resistant cover like this one from Case Logic. » 4/22/11 3:20pm 4/22/11 3:20pm