The Fossilized Machines Humans Will Leave Behind

In the debut issue of a new journal called The Anthropocene Review, University of Leicester geologist Jan Zalasiewicz leads a team of five writers in discussing the gradual fossilization of human artifacts, including industrial machines, everyday objects, and even whole cities. They refer to these as "technofossils,"… » 3/31/14 12:20pm 3/31/14 12:20pm

The actual probability of Earth going to hell in the next few decades

We know that climate change is already affecting Earth's weather in a major way, but we don't exactly know how bad things are going to get. However, scientists have a pretty good idea of the probabilities of Earth going to hell in the next few decades. This video shows them. » 11/19/13 11:51am 11/19/13 11:51am

This Incredible Video Shows All Roads, Air, and Shipping Routes on the…

Scientists are thinking about starting a new geological era: the Anthropocene, the period of geological, environmental and biological transformation of the planet by humans. Cities, towns, shipping routes, global roads and air networks are all changing Earth. This video shows the extent of this change. » 4/24/12 1:20pm 4/24/12 1:20pm