The Goodyear Blimp's an Even Better Joyride Than You Thought

We've all looked up at some point in our lives (probably during a baseball game) and seen that familiar, friendly speck of a Goodyear Blimp floating overhead. But far fewer of us have actually had the opportunity to ride in one of these things—and that's a damn shame. Because as photographer Dan Maker-Moore's newest… » 2/21/14 2:00pm 2/21/14 2:00pm

The Only Thing Keeping the F-35 Lightning Relevant Is the F-22 Raptor

Even if they are primarily just cheap knockoffs, China's rapidly growing fleet of next-gen aircraft are poised to seriously challenge American air superiority in the coming years. To prevent that, argues Chief of U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Gen. Michael Hostage, we'll need plenty of fifth-generation fighters of… » 2/04/14 6:40pm 2/04/14 6:40pm

Passenger Snaps Photo of Fuel Pouring Out of a Dreamliner's Wing

If Boeing was looking to 2014 as a fresh start for their constantly malfunctioning Dreamliner, that particular dream is almost certainly crushed by now. In addition to one of the plane's batteries malfunctioning (again) just a few days ago, a Norweigan's Airlines flight was cancelled yesterday after a passenger noticed … » 1/21/14 4:13pm 1/21/14 4:13pm

The Lindy Lid: A Forgotten Fashion Craze From The Golden Age of Flight

In the summer of 1927 a new fashion craze swept the nation. Called the "Lucky Lindy Lid," it was a ladies' felt hat that came in a variety of sizes and colors. Adorned with a small propellor on the front and two miniature wings darting out on each side, it may have looked a bit ridiculous, but it celebrated an important… » 10/22/13 3:04pm 10/22/13 3:04pm

31 Photos From the Golden Age of Airships, When Zeppelins Ruled the Sky

It's been nearly a century since airships floated by the Empire State Building. But now that the aluminum airship of the future is here and almost ready to carry passengers, it's high time that we took a look back to those few decades when majestic zeppelins seemed like the future of travel. » 9/24/13 9:00am 9/24/13 9:00am

Why Drone Engineering Sucks (And How It Gets Better)

Despite our international obsession with drones—both their awesome powers and terrifying repercussions—the truth is that they're an incredibly immature technology. And, like most immature technologies, that means they’re not quite all they’re cracked up to be. » 6/26/13 10:20am 6/26/13 10:20am

Fighter Jet Lamp Carpet Bombs Any Room With Light

Packing what appears to be a couple of bombs capable of wiping out a small city, this fighter jet-themed pendant light will hang from the ceiling and provide air superiority—and soft illumination—to any room. It requires six 40 watt bulbs in total—installed inside and outside the frosted fuselage and bombs—and when… » 3/26/13 10:58am 3/26/13 10:58am

Why Can't We Create a Human-Powered Helicopter Already?

The concept of a human-powered helicopter is surprisingly simple. The creation of a human-powered helicopter? Not so simple. People have been trying for 30 years to create a human-powered helicopter that can hover for 60 seconds, reach a height of 10 feet and stay inside a 33-foot box and no one has ever done it yet. » 10/17/12 1:00am 10/17/12 1:00am

The War Zone Cargo Copter That Lifts 6,000 Pounds Without a Pilot

Rugged doesn't even begin to describe Afghanistan's terrain. Delivering supplies to distant outposts over land through hostile territory is a difficult and deadly proposition—and even helicopter transports are not immune from RPG fire. So, to make essential cargo drops without risking the lives of American servicemen, … » 6/26/12 11:30am 6/26/12 11:30am