New Software Turns Nearly Any Touchscreen Into A Biometric Scanner

In an effort to fix our broke-ass password system, manufacturers are looking to the world of biometrics, sticking fingerprint scanners into everything from photocopiers to, um, school buses. Now, a team of Yahoo researchers might’ve come up with a way to extend biometric recognition to anything with a touchscreen.
»4/24/15 2:37pm4/24/15 2:37pm

Visa Is Experimenting With Biometric Payment Systems

Apple's iPhone 5S has a fingerprint scanner, and now Samsung's revealed a print-reading Galaxy S5. Each allows for payments to be verified using a swipe of your digits. Is this the possible future of all transactions? Perhaps, and Visa is now exploring the area too to ensure it will be ready for the possible… »2/25/14 6:30am2/25/14 6:30am

Windows 7 Networking and Security: HomeGroup, User Account Controls and More

For the average person, networking and security are two of the biggest causes of OS-related headaches, with so many settings, devices, alerts and threats to stay on top of. With Windows 7, Microsoft attempts a more useful approach to family networking with HomeGroup. It expands its security options, too, but does it… »2/10/09 11:55am2/10/09 11:55am

Biometric Social Security Cards Proposed to Combat ID Theft

Two Illinois congressmen are introducing legislation with the goal of upgrading that flimsy paper piece of crap we call a social security card to include a photo, fingerprint and computer ID chip. Recent data shows that nearly $45 billion is lost each year due to identity theft, which makes it increasingly necessary… »2/13/08 4:50pm2/13/08 4:50pm

FBI's $1 Billion Biometric Database Will Help Catch the Bad Guys

The FBI is planning to spend $1 billion on the world's largest biometric database. The database will be used to create a big brother state, in which you will ultimately have little autonomy assist the FBI's efforts in catching the bad guys. Apparently, compilation of digital images, including mug shots, fingerprints… »12/23/07 12:20am12/23/07 12:20am

Pay by Touch System Tested by Gas Stations, Grocery Store

Here's a better way to pay for stuff. By just touching your fingertip to this Pay by Touch biometric system, you can pay for anything in the ten Chicago Shell stations that are now testing the tech. So this means there's no need to reach for that credit card or even your wallet; all you have to do is touch a certain… »11/01/07 8:48am11/01/07 8:48am

Sequiam BioLock Forces Burglars to Break Your Window Instead

Yeah, this lock has a fingerprint-reading scanner tucked underneath, but we're not sold on the idea that it'd deter a burglar from breaking into someone's apartment. Nevertheless, the $249 lock can register up to 50 different digits and can be used on pretty much any door. It also comes with two back up keys. We'll… »10/18/06 1:28pm10/18/06 1:28pm